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Knox DDUST Stick Welding Gloves

Knox DDUST Stick Welding Gloves

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Keep your hands protected from sparks and slags while while laying those beads! Layered materials to prevent heat transfer. Flame resistant features protection like no other! Durable as well as heat and abrasion resistant. Crafted with heavy-duty Kevlar, our welding gloves are reinforced with extra padding in critical areas providing maximum protection against burns, impact, and abrasions. The gloves feature a comfortable fit and an adjustable wrist strap, ensuring a secure grip while allowing for flexibility and ease of movement.

Our welding gloves come in various sizes and styles, including MIG, TIG, and stick welding gloves. They are built to withstand the rigorous demands of welding, whether you are working on a large construction site or a small workshop.

Premium welding glove can be used in various welding operations. Single layered fingers provides maximum feel. Double layered palm rest give you that extra bit of time to finish that last inch of weld.

  • Made from premium materials for both maximum feel and protection.
  • Perfect fit (Seriously, they fit like gloves are supposed to!)
  • Double layered in high heat and high wear areas.
  • Non-lined for maximum welding applications.

Fingertips are fully enclosed with the same material as the palm that gives cut resistance protection. Our welding gloves are the perfect tool to protect your hands and ensure a comfortable working experience while welding. Made from premium materials, our gloves are designed to provide superior heat resistance and durability, ensuring long-lasting protection during welding operations.

We take great pride in our welding gloves and ensure that each pair meets the highest standards of quality and performance. When you choose our welding gloves, you can trust that you are getting the best protection and comfort for your hands, allowing you to focus on your work and achieve the best results possible.

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