The Most Fashionable FR Garments Out There

The Most Fashionable FR Garments Out There

Have you purchased the right flame-resistant garments for you? Despite FR fabric’s quality and protection levels, it can often be claimed to be unfashionable. Within your workplace, it’s natural to want to feel your best as well as look your best, so how can you achieve this in such bulky, protective clothing? Read on to find out!

Knox: At this company, the team believes that people working in tough jobs should be able to feel good whilst keeping safe. FR clothing is essential at many workplaces, including those working within the fire service as well as those in the oil, construction, and gas industries. This means there is a high demand for protective workwear from workers wanting to look the part. Caring about its customers, Knox aims to offer quality flame-resistant garments which offer a variety of levels of protection, ensuring that different employees have plenty of options when choosing clothes that they love.

Knox’s fashionable FR clothing range: This company hosts a range of shirts, jackets, and caps, whilst Knox’s FR pants are a popular buy concerning welders, mechanics, and fabricators amongst others.

Firstly, Knox’s straight-fit FR jeans provide a trendy look to keep you up to date with modern fashion whilst protecting and comforting you with its lightweight range of movement. This classic 5-pocket style can take you straight from work to date night!

Furthermore, Knox’s FR welding cap in white offers workers a casual look that can fit the bill for summertime. Whilst adopting a simple, quality look in a colour that will match most outfits, this cap can also offer protection and coverage of your ears and part of your neck from UV rays and flames. It’s time to get trendy whilst being safe at the same time!

As a final example, Knox offers an FR shirt with pearl snap buttons. Coming in a range of different colours like navy blue, this shirt offers a smart-casual twist on traditional FR garments. The shirt also offers technology focusing on greater arm mobility, keeping shirt cuffs down and easing your movement. Let’s face it – when you look great, you feel great too!

With Knox, you can find your look and comfortably fit the part with this FR protective gear. With the reliability and durability which you need in extreme thermal conditions, Knox can help you achieve your best whilst looking your best.

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