How To Become A Pipefitter And Start A Career?

How To Become A Pipefitter And Start A Career?

What Does a Pipefitter Do? A Pipefitter, also known as a Steamfitter, fixes and installs piping for heating and cooling systems and for various other purposes. He or she is known as a tradesperson who is trained in organizing, assembling, installing and creating and maintaining all types of pressure piping that must withstand high pressure. In addition, he or she maintains high-and low-pressure pipe systems in order to work with pressured water, valves, oil, gas, steam and other materials.

A Pipefitter manipulates metal to form the pipes according to specifications. He or she may also manipulate metal in other ways, including grinding, welding, cutting and bending. Pipefitters are involved in the entire process, from planning to installation.  As such, they draw up a blueprint of a pipe installation and often are responsible for selecting the right pipe. For installation, the Pipefitter will transport pipes to their proper location when the pipes are ready. Pipefitters are typically employed by pipefitting firms.  Many Pipefitters also work in power stations, refineries, offshore installations and factories.

Pipefitting employment is set to propel up to 21% by 2022, which is excellent news if you are seeking a steady and lucrative career. This career is a perfect choice for those who prefer stability because it is both financially and personally rewarding in the long term. Pipefitters work across several industries, such as commercial, residential, oil refineries, and manufacturing plants. Here is how you can jump in and learn all the pipefitting tips and tricks to get certified.

Starting Your Education: Unlike other professions, you do not need to rack up student loans to attend a traditional 4-year college program. There are plenty of technical training programs across the country to start a pipefitting career. These will help you gain all the knowledge and experience you need to immediately dive into the field upon completing your pipefitting tutorial.

The best part is that you do not need to gain a lot of experience beforehand. Most people start off without any training and become an apprentice. However, you will need to train for around 5 years before becoming a highly skilled professional to command a large salary. Although pipefitting is one of the most straightforward trades to get into, your experience will ultimately be king.

What is the common career path for a Pipefitter?pipefitter usually starts with on-the-job training as a helper where they sweep floors, pull and prep materials. Then they attend technical schooling as an apprentice to earn an associate’s degree in steam fitting. Once completed they become a journeyman, hopefully continuing on as a foreman.

What should someone consider before becoming a Pipefitter? People considering a career in pipefitting should enjoy and be somewhat good at math, and also understand the physical demands of the job.

Seeking Job Offers: After finishing your apprenticeship, you can begin earning immediately while still training to become a professional pipefitter. This will keep you safely out of student debts, and you can start with a decent five-figure basic salary that climbs up with the more years of experience you have on your resume.

Those who are starting their pipefitting career also increase their pay by working overtime. Most will settle for a 40-hour week, but you can also find several opportunities on evenings and weekends, especially if you are in the oil and gas industry.

Dress for success: Pipefitters work in dangerous environments and need fire-resistant clothes to stay safe on the job. If you are working on a refinery in the oil and gas industry, you will need to be careful of burn injuries if a pipeline fire breaks out.

Fires and explosions are a significant safety hazard, which is why here at Knox FRC, we provide the best FR shirts that will make you dazzle on the job, with your safety being a top priority. After all that effort to start a pipefitting career, you deserve the luxury and comfort of anti-static fabrics and distinctive colors to show off your incredible style.

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