Positivity In Workplace - Construction Jokes

Positivity In Workplace - Construction Jokes

A positive workplace environment is a key factor in increasing the wellness of employees. Not only does the practice of intentional positivity increase one’s overall wellness but it has been directly linked to increased productivity and lowered stress levels in the workplace.

All construction work is not the same, so all construction jokes may not fit the situation. Some smart people in construction work make jokes fitting the situation, which runs smoothly according to the conditions. Listed here is some creativity of these smart construction workers:

  • When a window glazier cuts himself on window glass, he will say: this is exceptional “pane full!”
  • I've got such a flatter friend; he drives a steamroller.
  • I had to attach two pieces of wood, "I nailed it."
  • Workers working "around the clock (tower clock)" are nonstop construction workers.
  • Once a blind worker "picked up a hammer and saw."
  • After an extensive study of engineering, it is concluded that a "huge boring machine digs a tunnel."
  • I cut a wooden piece into two halves just by looking at it as "I saw it."
  • A library is the most high-rise building one can build, as "it contains the most stories."
  • The lightest building which can be constructed is a "lighthouse."
  • A construction worker told his friend that he is quitting because he is too weak to work; his friend replied: "did you gave them your too weak notice."
  • You work all long on Christmas day, and "a fat guy in the suit takes all the credit."
  • Someone was offered an Egyptian construction job, which turned out to be a "pyramid scheme."
  • An accident took place on the worksite today; a can hit me in my head, "and it was a soft drink."
  • You can "pound a few sheds" by hitting garden buildings with a hammer; it's diet.
  • When a carpenter and hairdresser argue, they go at it “hammer and tongs."
  • Last week, some construction workers were renovating outside of my house; it was a rainy day. A worker came to my door and asked if he could use my washroom; I said, "ok, let me lay some newspaper on the floor," he angrily replied: "it's ok, I am already trained.
  • If an electrician is not right, people are often "shocked" after their service.
  • You know there is an issue with carpenter ants if there are tiny beer cans scattered all over the work area.
  • The construction worker's favorite book is "tighten a drill bit" by chuck key.
  • Once a site manager found a painter wearing two raincoats on a hot summer day, on asking, he replied: "it is instructed on the paint can use two coats."
  • If you tell a window a joke, it will "crack-up."
  • Someone asked how many workers you need to change a light bulb; the other replied: "five, one to change the bulb and four to hold the ladder."

In most all situations, taking things too seriously adds up to stress levels. There is growing proof that positive workplace cultures produce more productive employees, and that businesses which practice the tenants of positivity will outshine places where employees feel stuck in their jobs.

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