Myths About FR Clothing You Should Know

Myths About FR Clothing You Should Know

As for clothing that protects you in dangerous thermal conditions, it is crucial to know the ins and outs of FR garments. What are facts and what are myths? Read on to discover the myths surrounding FR clothing!

Myth Number One: FR clothing is very expensive

Whilst flame-resistant garments may often be more expensive than normal work clothing, the benefits these garments hold in the long run outweigh the initial price. After all, FR garments usually have a much longer lifespan than your standard work clothes because of their high-quality protection and special features. Since these garments save your life, paying a little extra is incredibly reasonable. Furthermore, there are many fair-priced FR clothing companies, including Knox, a store that aims to generate affordable clothing for those who need it.

Myth Number Two: FR clothing is uncomfortable

Whilst this myth could have been true in the past, companies are now working to make FR fabrics comfortable for workers, utilising FR cotton blends and inherent blends which offer both comfort and protection.

Myth Number Three: FR clothing washes out and doesn’t last for very long

FR garments are actually designed to last for a very long time, sometimes even for life. Whilst buyers must sometimes be careful about how they wash FR garments, if they are laundered appropriately, they will not wash out. Due to some of the FR garments’ protective qualities, they cannot be washed with specific chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleaches. Professional industrial laundry services can sometimes help in this case. But what you should remember is that if the garments are taken care of in line with manufacturer recommendations, these FR pieces will serve you a long time.

Myth Number Four: all FR fabrics are the same

This is untrue, since some fabrics are inherently flame-resistant, whilst other fabrics are treated to offer such protection. Different fabrics have different levels of protection, with some meeting certain companies’ safety needs and others not. You must ensure that you purchase garments with the appropriate level of protection against hazards as instructed and required by your workplace.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, you are now aware of some of the most common myths surrounding FR clothing! It’s certainly worth doing your research on FR garments before making any initial purchases. As highly protective pieces of clothing, they deserve their full credit!


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