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We are in a busy period with many exciting projects and news that we look forward to sharing with you soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media. However, today we've decided to officially release one of the biggest news! We welcome our new Brand Ambassadors - Walter Seegrist, the Weld Professor of Wallyzweldingworld and Chris Whitley, also known as TATTOO The Great!

If you don’t know already, we have high standards and these are the two guys that are on top of the game and we are very proud to have them as the face of our products. To bring you nothing short than the best FR Clothing in the industry!

Chris Whitley is a Pipe Welder from Bainbridge, Georgia. You’ll recognize him in his hilarious videos online that a lot of us in the industry can totally relate to!

Walter Seegrist is a Rig Welder from Colorado, with a passion in teaching and helping train up and coming welders to be the best they can be!

Now, let’s get to know them! We have asked them these 5 questions:

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Chris: I’m 31, a father of 6 and a pipe welder by trade. I have ran around doing oil refinery work, rebuilding heaters and pipeline for a long time. Not an easy thing with children and a wife back home. I currently own my own company; building plants that shell peanuts. It helps keep me closer to home (for the most part).

Walter: Yo! What's good? My name is Walter but better known as Wally of Wallyzweldingworld the Weld Professor. Im just a passionate, positive influence rig welder outta Colorado, doing my best to teach and pass my skill on.

What got you into where you are now?

Chris: I am from South Georgia where jobs are very limited and wages are rather low. I got up with my step father and he got me into the construction industry.

Walter: I had a skillset recognized by a coworker that thought I could go places with. So he lit a fire under my ass and help set me up for the rest of my life where I am today. Forever thankful for you Dan.

What does an average day in your life looks like?

Chris: On an average day, I’ll be in the mill with my crew setting machinery, and fabricating various platforms, catwalks etc.

Walter: Wake up early everyday to hop in the private rig. Drive to location of morning safety meeting about our job scope. I could be either rolling prefab out, doing in position welds, brother in law on big pipe or I’m in the racks making tie-ins welding pipe shoes and pipe supports. After a days work, its head home and dinner with the fam and out to the garage to prefab or record videos.

What are you passionate about?

Chris: I’m passionate about being the best dad possible. Giving my children the tools and knowledge to become safe and successful in life.

Walter: I'm passionate about so much. Mostly life. My wife and kids are my everything, I mean; I do this all for us to have the best future possible.

Any advice to the next generation welders?

Chris: If I could give a piece of advice to the next up and coming welder it would be to stay competitive. Either with other welders or yourself. It will be the drive to end you up in a crowd of elites.

Walter: My advice is if ya don’t want it, then don’t bother. Because this is a commitment of a lifestyle. Ya gotta live it, breath it and be all about it. And if your lucky ya might just. Give it all ya got or go home. Got no room for the weak. ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!

It was fantastic to discuss with our brand ambassadors looking at how we should be marketing the business to encourage others to come onboard. These guys have great genuine passion in helping others succeed and we all share a core value of being family oriented and how we all love our work. There were great innovative product suggestions put forward from their perspective and everyone was enthusiastic and keen to get involved.

Great things and bonds flourish if people share a special passion and affinity for our line of work, which is empowering too. After all, is there anything better than sharing the positivity of how we stay safe while we do what we love to do?

We consider these guys to be our mentors and friends. We are really looking forward to putting some of the ideas into practice as we evolve as a company over the coming months. We’ve got lots to work on!

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Hi there Zack, we are very proud to have him onboard with the team! I personally adore his enthusiasm. Very positive!

The Knox Team

Tattoo is my blood brother , he’s a big influence in my life.
Love you big bro

Zack Whitley

Michelle! 😂

The Knox Team

Tattoo got six kids??! 😳 Damn! Hahahaha!

Michelle Avery

Thank you for your continued support Kyle! We are proud to have them onboard with the team.

The Knox Team

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