Flame Resistant Clothing: What You Need To Know

Flame Resistant Clothing: What You Need To Know


Many people have heard about flame-resistant clothing, however, knowing much about it is a very different matter. Read on for further discussion below to see if this article answers the questions you have about this type of apparel. After all, flame-resistant clothing is essential in some professions, so knowing as much as you can about it is always going to be helpful.

Washing FR clothing: When washing your flame-resistant clothing, you should use a mild detergent providing that it is free from any hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and animal fats. Furthermore, never use fabric softeners on this type of clothing since this could impede the FR fabric’s performance, and you should try to keep the water below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. FR clothing is quite susceptible to shrinkage no matter where you purchase it from, but to attempt to minimise this shrinkage, keep washing temperatures at a moderately warm setting, and line dry the garment or tumble-dry it on low. If you do use a dryer, remove it from the machine whilst it is still damp rather than allowing it to sit. This will also help prevent wrinkles from setting. Keep in mind that hot washing and drying conditions will maximise the shrinkage of FR clothing.

After washing and drying: Ironing flame-resistant clothing is possible with the normal cotton settings. You can also press the garments whilst the warm iron is on the Permanent Press setting. This type of clothing won’t burn as easily as other materials, although if it does catch fire, it will not carry on burning once the combustion source is removed.

How long does the clothing last? How long an FR garment lasts really depends on how well you take care of it and what blend of materials it is constructed of. Whilst flame-resistant 100% cotton garments can last up to 16 months, cotton-nylon blends have the potential to last up to 30 months. Further still, synthetic blends can last up to a whopping 4 years. Moreover, it’s recommended to wash the garments inside out to prevent wear, which could potentially make them last for longer. 

Hopefully, this will have given you a better idea of how to take care of your flame-resistant clothing and keep it from wearing out for longer. As an essential product in some jobs, it’s crucial to keep your uniform as effective as it can be, making your investment worthwhile in the long run.

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