Shirt features: The fine details

Our men's custom dress shirt have the neatest, crispest and the most durable collars, particularly as the collar frames the face, and is easily noticeable when people talk to you. Our shirts come with removable or sewn-in collar stiffeners, also known as collar stays.

Double Botton Cuffs
The shirt cuff– which should end four and a half inches from the end of your thumb – needs to be pristine as well because it shows from your jacket sleeve. We pride ourselves in providing the most number of cuff styles you can ever come across online.

Superior quality and durability are the hallmarks of the buttons we use for our shirts. They will not break or fall off after repeated washings and use. Also, there is no beating pure mother–of–pearl buttons for the best quality shirt- we provide these buttons as a luxury option for our custom fit dress shirt.

We provide a few options for the placements of pleats on our shirts. Pleats generally should be in the centre of the back, under the yoke. Fixed pleats are also found at the shoulders and where the sleeves and cuffs meet to ensure the best possible fit. We provide various options for the placement of back pleats, to ensure the best fit for you.

Split Yoke is the sign of a good quality shirt; the 'yoke' is the fabric that sits across the back of the shoulders and it is 'split' when a seam runs down the centre. This provides a better fit and ease of movement. Our custom dress shirts are crafted with a split yoke.

Stitching Our tailored dress shirts are made with single needle stitching; we cover each and every stitched part of the shirt twice. This eliminates any initial oversight and keeps our tailors on top of any visible problems that may have occurred during the previous stitch, thereby achieving the highest quality achievable.

Finally, the finest custom shirt should have Long Tails so they do not pop out of your waistband – definitely not a good look. We generally give long tails to all our bespoke shirts, to ensure they always look good when tucked in.

Furthermore, our thorough Quality Control process guarantees that a proper shirt should have no loose threads on seams, buttons or buttonholes.