The beginning — Knox FRC

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The beginning — Knox FRC

We’d like to humbly announce that the first beta invites for a website we’re incredibly excited about are out the door. The project is called #KnoxFRC this platform, we hope to begin fleshing out some of the initial inspirations that led to the inception of Knox FRC and provide you with a taste of how we aim and can improve your comfort and clothing wear protection experience much more pleasurable!

We’d like to kick it off by formally inviting everyone to browse around the new website and hopefully will be with us and shed some light on all the cool stuff that will be possible with the website as it evolves!

Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to hear what you think. 
— Knox Team


  • The Knox Team

    Thank you Austin! We are currently playing with the navigation and how to make it more robust, while keeping the site very responsive to all platforms. Have a nice day!

  • Austin Bowler

    Awesome looking website! Clean and easy to navigate.

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